In a move that has divided the gaming community, TellTale Games have today announced that the focus of their next episodic adventure series will be creepypasta.

Players who revelled in the hi-jinks of Tales From The Borderlands, who cowered in fear at The Walking Dead, and who sighed in mild disappointment during The Game Of Thrones can now look forward to learning more about such iconic characters as Sonic With Hyper-Realistic Blood On Him and Mario With Hyper-Realistic Blood On Him, while roaming a land with graphics that seem too good for the SNES’ processing capabilities.

In a PR rush to defend the move, a spokesperson from TellTale said “We at TellTale are always looking to innovate the adventure game formula, and we see creepypasta as the next logical step. Here at TellTale we pride ourselves on having some of the best writing in the industry, but times have moved on. Good writing is hardly a challenge any more, and quite frankly it’s remarkably dull, so with TellTale’s Creepypasta we’re hoping that fans will now support some of the very worst writing imaginable. Just astonishingly poor writing. Seriously, you should see some of the drafts we’ve got, it’s laughable.”

Was that enough to placate the online rage? Here’s a few choice picks of internet opinion:

SONICXVX06XVX on Newgrounds writes “Yeah, I think this’ll be pretty good. But, hey, I am lead writer, so take that with a pinch of salt.”

On TellTale’s Facebook page, Steve writes somewhat confusingly “THIS IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD!”

To which TellTale replies “I’m sorry?”

To which Steve replies “You fucking heard.”

To which Tom replies “Well, actually, seeing as this is a visual medium, they actually saw rather than heard. Haha! Am I right, guys?!”

No one replies to Tom.

AYN_SO_RANDY on Reddit writes “Good God, they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel with these fake April Fools’ articles aren’t they?”