Mild Spoilers Ahead

The season continues with more fun Supergirl and Superman teams up. Supergirl and Superman are both enjoying they’re time together as, “#TooMuchFun”. Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman is perfect and enjoyable, coming from someone that never really cared for Superman. The dynamic between him and Supergirl plays very well. They stand as equals, even if Supergirl is less experienced as a super hero. They play very evenly and it also brings some comfort for the characters. Kara has expressed many times feeling weird and different due to being what she is. Clark and her are able to bond and relate over their similarities. But their fun has caused some rifts and irritations from Alex and Hank.

Still it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. An attack from a kryptonite powered Corbin, who was thought be dead, brings in the main conflict for the episode. Corbin is now Metallo and fully capable of taking on the Krypotians. This attack heats up the conflict between Superman and Hank (Martian Manhunter) that was introduced last season. The issues between them stemming from the DEO’s possession of Kryptonite. Superman knowing it is threat to himself, and Kara, does not believe it should be in their hands. And since the Kryponite used to modify Corbin came from a missing DEO supply it makes him even less trusting.

The group behind this modification is not hiding. Attack the attack they send out a broadcast message that going throughout National City. They are Cadmus. And they do not believe in the help of aliens like Superman and Supergirl. They see them as threats to human race and rising up against them. Cadmus is also the organization known to have Jeremiah Danver, Alex’s father.

Outside of the superhero business. Kara is starting her new job as a reporter. Cat provides the introduction to Kara’s new boss, Snapper Carr (played by Ian Gomez). And he could not be less interested with Kara believing she did not earn the position and doesn’t want her. Kara goes childishly running to Ms. Grant for help in the matter. However, Cat shuts her down and forces Kara to deal with the problem herself.

The writing continues to improve from the previous season. The discussions feel even less heavy handed and forced during the more message related moments. It is less spelled out for viewers and meaning is given more through the character’s reactions than the just saying the message aloud. And the conversations of those moments feeling more natural in dialogue. Which the message of the episode did center around coming together and working together, not just between Superman and Supergirl, but with their other allies in the DEO.

This episode does end Superman’s presence for a while at least. He is surely likely to return. And even if we don’t have Tyler Hoechlin’s performance they may still be continuing to have his character around in form of texts nd messages. Similarly to how they included the Superman character in the first season of Supergirl. He also is not the only one leaving, but all are open to return. And while it is sad to see them go there is still a lot for Kara. The mysteries of Cadmus and taking them down. The unconscious man from the first episode still is another mystery.

Supergirl - "The Last Children of Krypton" Review
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