“Love Bonds Us All”

Mild Spoilers Ahead

The 2nd season of Supergirl premiered on the CW. The change in network has brought some changes to show. In this review we’ll go over some of those changes. What they can mean and the message they give.

But first and foremost one things that seems to be staying the same is moments of peace being interrupted by new catastrophes. At the very beginning while celebrating a large object booms past. With both Supergirl and the Martian Manhunter flying to stop it and keep it from causing large scale damage. The pod crashes on a roof and looked to be a Pod from Krypton, and it isn’t empty.

The following scene brings us to the new D.E.O. location. Kara addresses some wonder at how there is another location and why she had go down to the cave they had in season 1. It is explained that there are multiple locations for the D.E.O. This definitely seems reasonable in story answer for the change of set. I think the only oddity is that the organization seem smack dab in the city and not very hidden for a government organization dealing with Alien attacks. Then with Supergirl going in and out of it, might draw more attention than they should be looking to get.

One new location, and then some new developments for Kara. Now dating James Olsen and in line for a new position at CatCo. The romance seems to be hitting speed bumps. And she still needs to decide on what position she’ll take on at CatCo, rather than being Cat Grant’s assistant anymore. And while she struggles with these decisions Winn seems confident in jumping into working with the DEO on an official basis.

Not to be ignored we have a new Superman. Tyler Hoechlin is the actor for this role and the takes seems to be going in a different attitude than the movie universe, with both Superman and Clark Kent. Superman is light and fun. It seemed similar to Kara, who even while dealing with tragic events finds joy in using her powers to help people and to be a role model. Compared to the more broading and stoic movie version of the Superman character. And for Clark, he comes off more nerdy and clumsy. A moment in Kara being impressed with his act that he admits was just real clumsiness. And it looks like he’ll be around for a while, so we’ll see more him and Kara as a duo team of Kryptonian crime fighters.

Then there was the introduction of another new character, Lena Luthor. She is actually an adopted sister to Lex Luthor. Apparently having been close with him before he ended up going crazy and ending up in jail. She’s relocated to National City and is looking for an image change to the company to save the legacy of her family company.

I will say that there is some stronger writing. While I enjoyed the previous season it did have moments of the cheesy and very heavy handed messages. Not always bad. But when shoved in the face of an audience it loses some of that stronger meaning. The messages aren’t lacking, but they’re in certain moments. Not everywhere and encompassing on the episode.

Though these moments at least in this episode felt a bit heavy handed and forced. Especially in Kara’s need to make decisions on her romantic and work relationships. And those came off as moving things on to makes changes from what the first season had. Even if the 1st season set them up well enough it felt like these moments were the show deciding to end them. Where it goes is the following episodes is a bigger question.

Supergirl - "The Adventures of Supergirl" Review
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