We all know that Street Fighter V, on release, was seriously lacking in some creature comforts like Challenge modes and an in-game store. Capcom has long since established that March would hold great new additions and come March 30th, we’ll have our first DLC character: the long-awaited Alex! Challenge Mode, along with Demonstrations and Trials will be available on the 28th, as well as 8-person online lobbies.


Alex is making his first comeback since Street Fighter: Third Strike, this time with suspenders instead of his ambiguous red scars. He may not have the super hype Stun Gun Headbutt he did previously, but he’s still the big-bodied, over-powered, power bomb-ing character we knew and loved in Third Strike and New Generation. If you’ve been saving up your Fight Money (as if you had any other choice), he’ll be available in the Store for a cool 100,000 FM. Note that every DLC character will also cost the same amount. Along with his release, you’ll also get relevant story content for Alex. For those of us who are excited about this, we waited this long for this update, so what’s another six days, right? If you want a complete rundown of the March update and other features coming down the pipeline, check out Haunt’s article at Capcom Unity.