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Splashy Cats is a mobile endless arcade game developed by Artik games. The idea of Splashy Cats is that you are a cat who has been caught by the current of a river and is gushing downstream. Holding onto a log, you mush navigate your cat and avoid the edges and waterfalls. By tapping the screen, you can change the direction of the cat, and you must zig-zag your way to a high score. Earning coins can get you new avatar skins, or you can spend them to continue if you crash and want to keep going. It’s a simplistic idea with a solid concept and cute animations; the only problem is that we have seen this kind of mobile game endless times before.

From the blocky environment art style, the font and the sound effects all point to Crossy Roads. Even the game mechanics such as the rewards system and collecting different avatars is a complete rip off. It’s really sad to see a game with some potential feel the need to copy other successful games.SplashyCats2

In the mobile gaming world, advertising is unashamedly plastered all over the screen, and Splashy Cats is no exception. From the moment you open the game to when you complete each level, you’ll be subjected to an advert of some kind. But I guess that’s the norm with mobile gaming, right? Not to kick Splashy Cats whilst it’s down, the game also suffers from constant crashing and pop-up glitches.

The annoying thing is that Splashy Cats does have some potential. The game is simplistic, not annoyingly repetitive and the art style of the cartoony cats is cute. With some improvements and innovations, it could go from claw-ful to purrrfect. Splashy Cats should concentrate on being unique instead on relying on other game’s successes. There is enough creativity to be its own game, but it’s too painfully obvious where the inspiration come from for this game.

Despite this review, the game does seem to be doing well, currently at ten thousand downloads on the android store with an average rating of 4.4. It’s available on both android and iOS mobile devices for free.

Splashy Cats Review
The cute cartoony catsNot annoyingly repetitive
Takes too much 'inspiration' from other gamesGlitchy and buggy
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