Lucio comin’ at you!

Blizzard’s class-based shooter Overwatch has just launched their first seasonal event: a three-week promotion called the Summer Games, a friendly riff on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For the next three weeks, players who buy or earn the game’s loot boxes will get a variety of Olympics-themed item drops. These include weapon and skin variants based on the characters’ home nations (for example, cowboy McCree’s USA-themed outfit or cyborg Genji’s Japanese flag armor). On top of this, the game will be sporting a limited-time mode called “Lucioball,” where players play as the Brazillian disk jockey Lucio in a three-on-three soccer match in a very Rocket League-styled stadium. Both promotional events will conclude on August 22nd, so players will have to move fast if they want to go for the gold.

Blizzard also confirmed that this would not be the only seasonal event they will have for the game; more information will be revealed at a later date, but previously leaked audio files have offered clues in the form of Halloween-themed comments from various characters. Time will tell what else Blizzard has up their sleeve-about a couple months’ worth, probably.

Source: Blizzard/Play Overwatch