[Hacker Voice] She’s in.

Sombra, the long-awaited and long-teased Hero from Blizzard Entertainment’s class-based shooter Overwatch, was announced today at the company’s annual BlizzCon convention. The mysterious hacker (herself the subject of a months-long Alternate Reality Game, rampant speculation, and a fair number of leaks) took the spotlight during the show’s Overwatch-centric panel, flanked by a new animated short called Infiltration, which follows her and two other Overwatch characters (Reaper and Widowmaker) as they attempt to assassinate the head of Volskaya Industries. Alongside this animation were an origins video (showing Sombra’s backstory and main goal of discovering “who really runs the world”) and a video showcasing her powers, including the ability to hack an enemy’s weapons and an EMP blast capable of stopping even Ultimate Abilities.

I’m actually pretty excited for this. We’ve seen cheerful characters before in Overwatch (Tracer comes to mind), and we’ve seen sinister villains, but Sombra slides into a very entertaining middle ground. Self-assured in her skills, playing those around her like puppets, and acting like a kid in a candy store whenever she gets her way make her light and dark sides compliment each other well. Her intent on digging deep into the true nature of Overwatch’s world as well offers the possibility of a deeper look into just what secrets it might be hiding. Plus, her design and general personality embody the more playful (but no less dangerous) side of Overwatch, something we’ve only really seen in a few characters like the chaotic criminals Junkrat and Roadhog.

Sombra will be released on Overwatch’s playtesting servers within the week, and on the full game sometime in the near future.

Source: Play Overwatch