Hey Guile fans, here are my five favorite tricks for closing the gap for a surprise win with Guile in Street Fighter V.

5. Flash Kick.

As the story goes, this is one of the best anti-air moves in any game. The fact it combos so nicely with Guile’s critical art for about 50% damage is just outright scary.

4. V-Trigger (Solid Puncher).

The sneaky B + HK, canceled into a combo is very dangerous.

3. V-Trigger then EX-Sonic Boom to Sonic Break X3

Catch someone off-guard with this and they are pretty much toast.

2. Corner Game / Frame Trapping

Dazzle your opponents by not tick throwing them, but hitting them to death with your speed.

1. Hit Confirm to Critical Art / V-Trigger to Critical Art Combos

This is how to crank damage out at its most lethal right here. We hope you enjoyed these Guile strategies and hope to catch you on the battlefield.