This time with Sequel Suggestion, a look at Legend of Zelda. This time a sequel where Zelda is the hero!

Warning! Minor Spoilers Ahead from Legend of Zelda games; Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.


This is an idea of the franchise that I’ve heard talked about more and more over the years. I am still waiting for it to happen. The fandom of this series has already sparked a female Link, Linkle. All it took was images of Link from the upcoming Wii U game with slightly longer hair that sparked the rumors of a female Link for the game. Those rumors were squash, but a female Link was created and included in Hyrule Warriors Legends. I am just as eager to see a sequel with Linkle as the main hero, or at least the choice between playing as either Link or Linkle. I am more so hoping for a sequel with Zelda as our hero.

First and foremost, I want the name of the game to actually mean what it says for once. I will concede that Legends of Link does not sound as cool as Legend of Zelda. The fact that Zelda is named in the title, but never is the main character has built a case of mistaken identity. Those unfamiliar with the series will often mistake Link for Zelda. A misconception that I will admit to have had before playing The Ocarina of Time, my first Legend of Zelda game. Because Link is hero and main character of the series despite the title.


Another point to my case is Zelda is not 100% helpless all the time. Unlike some other Nintendo Princesses-looking at you Peach. In Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker while under disguise, Zelda does amazing work. As Sheik in The Ocarina of Time, she basically guides Link on his journey. The assistance of Sheik is vital for progressing in the game. Her travelling around to the same areas as Link give some proof that she can at least fend for herself to some level. And she disguises herself for many years, surviving while Link traveled through time and was not present to face off against Ganondorf’s forces.

In Wind Waker, as Tetra she runs an entire pirate crew that even captures Link. Unknowing of her true lineage she is still strong and courageous traveling the seas. I would even consider her to be more outspoken in this version. She didn’t have the same princess lifestyle of the other Zeldas. Thus giving her a more free and wild demeanor than the poise and proper Zeldas of other games.


For anyone wondering why I am saying ‘Zeldas’, that is because there are multiple versions of Zelda. The stories of the games are connected loosely through a timeline that splits after The Ocarina of Time to multiple paths. Along with that there is the prophecy of Link. That a Link will be born in time to face off the evil of the world. But that also tends to includes Zelda. Link is born with the Triforce of Courage. Zelda is given the Triforce of Wisdom.

So what says this fate and destiny gets turned around for once. Some outside force gets in the mix and instead of Wisdom, Zelda gets Courage. Then have it mixed up even more and give Link the Triforce of Power. He could be a villain in the game! While in the end that outside force that messed with fate could be the true evil of the game. It would be a bit more interesting to mix up these roles that have been the same through many games. Even seeing Ganondorf as the Wise Old Sage giving guidance the hero version of Zelda.


Zelda and Link might get surprised to learn of their Triforce powers, but any longtime player of the series won’t. You know going into that Link has Courage and Zelda has Wisdom. With Ganondorf usually holding the Triforce of Power.

While I am 100% excited to play through all the changes that have been done in the upcoming game of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, after that game I would be interested in seeing them mix up the game in terms of the narrative it tells. Zelda being made the hero is one way that could give a big change at least for one game.