Ever had a game series that you wanted to continue or explore more into a story, except you had already beaten the game and experienced all that could be? Well, that is what these articles are all about: the sequels that never were or simply have yet to be created. Diving deeper into stories and maybe making some changes to the gameplay along the way. Or maybe discussing sequels to game that took a few wrong turns.

This one is about a game about Priam from Fire Emblem: Awakening. What is his story was before the events of Awakening?

Warning! There are potential spoilers ahead for the following Fire Emblem games: Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and Awakening.

First introduced in Fire Emblem: Awakening, Priam is a proven solider. He is not a part of the main story-line, but can be recruited in Paralogue 23. Chrom already knowing tales of Priam wants to recruit him. Priam, however, will not join on words alone. He wants Chrom to prove himself in battle first, setting up one of the hardest battles Fire Emblem: Awakening has to offer. There are many soldiers fighting alongside Priam, all high in stats. I was only able to win this match by having my Avatar out front, Chrom paired to her, and sticking them in the bottom-right corner of the map. Even with this strategy, it took a few attempts to win this battle.

Once Priam is recruited, there is a better idea of who he is. The descendant of Ike, the hero of the Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn games. He is also in possession of Ike’s sword, Ragnell. It is not clear if Priam is directly Ike’s son or maybe further down in generations. Ike, being a personal favorite of my Fire Emblem heroes, and Priam, being a pure badass upon his first appearance, the combination makes me want to see Priam’s story.

What happened to make Priam into the person he is in Awakening? Am I just supposed to believe he trained really hard? There were no major battles he fought in on the continent you meet him on or on others? Cause I’m not buying it. Priam comes in as a unit that rivaled my main character, and she was already beginning to max on certain stats. After marrying him and getting Morgan, even Morgan turned out to be a greater powerhouse than when I had married Chrom in a previous file.

I will admit that I do not have all the details. I did not make the Fire Emblem universe or how different continents and games are connected. The only obvious clue to Radiant Dawn and Awakening being connected is because of Priam. The area where Priam’s story starts could be any. Ike left his home continent at the end of Radiant Dawn, with Ranulf or Soren depending on the supports completed by the player. He could have traveled to Archanea and Valm, the continents that Awakening take place in. Or he could have traveled to another. Either way, I would not like to see Ike be a major part of the game.


Fire Emblem Ike

As I mentioned before, there is no facts to say whether Priam is Ike’s son, grandson, or even great-grandson. Should Ike be mentioned? Yes! Should he take a major role in Priam’s story? No! If Ike were to be included, there is the risk of him overshadowing Priam’s character. Rather, it would be best for him to mentioned as a memory than a constant figure.  I think a very interesting point they could explore with Priam’s character is the knowledge of his ancestor’s legacy, having it potentially be an inspiration to Priam or a struggle to live up to the memory. If Priam is far down in Ike’s lineage like Great-Great-Great-Grandson. Then have Priam story being the pursuit of learning of his ancestor and returning to Ike’s home continent.

The only point of issue of I see with this story being made into a game is it would require backtracking to their previous form of story narrative of a main hero character being the leader, not the original player made character being included. For the character creation, the story of the games with these characters will have the focus to them. In Awakening, it became not just about the enemy, but regaining their memories and, in the end, their choice. The game I am proposing is to focus on Priam. There will still be other characters around him, but from my experience, any time a game includes a character that the player creates it ends up that they are the main focus of the story.


Another great idea would be to exclude the ‘Children’ of the support system because that system was introduced and prominent throughout Awakening, as was Priam. In a large way, Awakening is where Priam’s story ends. Unless they make a direct sequel to that game, it is over. As I mentioned before, I married Priam in my last Awakening file and had Morgan, so including this feature in the game that is leading him on the path to Awakening seems wrong to have the option to marry Priam there, too. If given the option, I know I totally would.

Priam’s introduction and appearance in Awakening was almost sudden, and it gives little information to his past, leaving it wide open to be explored. Limiting Ike’s presence in a sequel would allow for it be focused to Priam and not tarnish Ike’s ending in anyway. Anyone else as curious as I am about Priam?