Square Enix used Birthday Bash!

We’ve got some news fresh from the Rumor Mill, folks: after releasing Final Fantasy XV after years in and out of development, Square Enix reportedly plans to keep the momentum going strong. According to VG Leaks, the developer intends to unveil a multitude of games over the next year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their groundbreaking franchise. Alongside the first episode of the previously announced Final Fantasy VII Remake and the remaster of Final Fantasy XII (now with the subtitle The Zodiac Age), Square Enix will also reportedly release:

  • A re-release of the Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy in 1080p resolution and 60 fps,
  • A compilation of remastered/ported Final Fantasy titles in the form of the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection,
  • And PC ports for the first two Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Final Fantasy XV (the latter two set for 2018, approximately).

Needless to say, this is a lot of content, so if true, FF fans will no doubt be very pleased. Hell, even I’m excited for it; I’ve never been too into Final Fantasy, but if I could easily have the games at my fingertips without having to buy a bunch of separate ports, I might be tempted to give the series a shot. Plus, Chrono Trigger is a fantastic time, and another chance to replay it is more than welcomed.

More information on the supposed leak can be found at VG Leaks.