It’s Mahvel, baby?

Time to get the rumor mill a-spinning, folks, because we’ve got some interesting news coming out of the upcoming Playstation Experience 2016 event in Anaheim, CA. The multimedia website Comic Book has revealed a number of supposedly leaked images hinting at an announcement at PSX that would be a hell of a long time coming if true: a fourth entry in the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting game series. The shots show images from the older titles overlaid on the underside of a giant “4,” with subtitles celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary, among others.010201Once one of the most popular titles in the competitive fighting game community and a very popular mainstream fighter, the series was thought finished after its third game was removed from both Sony and Microsoft’s digital storefronts (along with the removal of the second title in the series). At the time, many attributed this removal to The Walt Disney Company’s purchase of Marvel back in 2009, and their aim to directly future games without too much in the way of outside developer interference. This (along with the previously announced Insomniac Spider-Man title) might signal a shift from that mentality, or at least a willingness to compromise on Disney’s part.

More info (including the screenshots themselves) can be found over at Comic Book. Keep an eye on Bit Cultures for more news coming out of PSX as it breaks.