Just as promised, CoroCoro this month has brought us Rockruff’s evolution! Or should I say, evolutions?

The two forms from the pages on the left are both known as “Rugarugan”, which sports two different forms — its “Midday form”, which it takes when your Rockruff “takes in the sun’s power” , and its  “Midnight form” which it takes when it is “met with the night’s power”. Could it mean that this Pokemon changes depending on whether it is day or night? Or could it have two different forms depending on the time you evolve it? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Another thing to note about Rugarugan is that it is supposed to share a trait with the three starter Pokemon we can choose from. In Rockruff’s reveal issue, CoroCoro mentioned that it has something special in common with the starters. Perhaps they will have branching evolutions too?

The two pages on the right showcase UB-01 as well as a new Ultra Beast with two interesting iterations. UB-02 has two different forms depending on the version, with UB-02 “Expansion” (page 4 top right) appearing in Pokemon Sun and UB-02 “Beauty” (page 4 top left) appearing in Pokemon Moon. It is said that “Beauty” can attract any Pokemon with its beautiful form and “Expansion” can use its whole body as a weapon. There is also a small section dedicated to UB-01, which reiterates it glasslike-body and seemingly foolish nature. Something important to note is that UB-01 has a codename similar to “Beauty” or “Expansion” but CoroCoro teased us with a “??????” this time around.

CoroCoro promises to deliver next month with Type: Null’s true power! Stick around until next month to find out!