This week’s poll was based on Item locking decks, and Seismitoad/Giratina came out on top of Vileplume/Vespiquen as the deck of choice.

With Fighting Fury Belt and Puzzle of Time (two game changing cards), this deck has more durability and resilience when going up against other decks. It can now effectively recover special energy from the discard pile. With potentially having access to EIGHT Crushing Hammers, this means energy denial is one of the core strategies to this deck.

Seismitoads lock really suffers from a low damage output, but Giratina covers Seismitoad really nicely while also effectively locking out games against Night March and Vespiquen variants by simply attacking!

Remember that this deck won the weekly poll in order to be featured, and if you want to participate and have your say on what deck gets featured next week, follow me on or where the link to the poll will be provided on Wednesday!

I hope you enjoy the video and the commentary of what goes through my head during the games.

Please leave a comment if you have any feedback or criticism, I’ll be very happy to hear it!