Hello, my name is Pablo Meza and I’m a competitive Pokémon player from Mexico.

I have a passion for Pokémon, and I love to compete. So, it only made sense to start a YouTube channel to showcase and share the knowledge I possess after having played the Pokémon TCG competitively for over 12 years!

My best and highest achievement has been placing 3rd at the 2005 TCG World Championships. Since then, it has been my goal to win Worlds, and this year I also put myself up to the task of qualifying for VGC Worlds as well.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I have managed to qualify for both. Our next goal is getting an invite directly to day two of the competition and becoming the first player ever to play two different Pokemon World Championships.

XY: Breakpoint not only brought out quite a few new Pokemon to work with and change the metagame, but there were also a lot of useful item cards which have certainly helped boost ‘older’ decks such as Night March!

Night March gained two very important item cards with Puzzle of Time and Fighting Fury Belt.

Puzzle of Time is a blessing to Night March as it’s a whole new option besides Bronzong or Milotic. You not only receive extra DCE’s in order to keep attacking, but are able to get back other utility cards such as Lysandre or Team Mates in order to guarantee a win.

Fighting Fury Belt is also a game changer for Night March as it makes the 30 HP frail Joltiks into 70 HP monsters that can now withstand attacks such as Oblivion Wing from Yveltal or several Sneaky Bites and Surprise Bites from Crobats.

Night March has been a force to be reckoned with since its release, and this new set seems to have given it a boost that will allow it to be a potent force throughout the season.

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I hope you enjoy the video and commentary of what goes through my head during games.

Please leave a comment if you have any feedback or criticism. I’ll be very happy to hear it!