Trevenant BREAK is back on the channel and looking for some easy wins vs Night March!

Trevenant BREAK made quite a showing towards the final weekend of State Championships as it has a pretty good Night March matchup, specially if you go first!

This time around we are not featuring Gengar EX as it’s partner, but rather we are focusing more on Trevenant BREAKS Silent Fear attack, along with Wobbuffet and Shaymin EX as backup.

Bursting Balloon is also a new very important tool for Trevenant BREAK as it can accomplish two things: 1) Make your opponent pass the turn without attacking, in order to avoid the damage or 2) Receive a lot of damage by trying to take down Trevenant and thus ensuring that the follow up Trevevant’s can clean the table!

I hope you enjoy the video and the commentary of what goes through my head during the games.

Please leave a comment if you have any feedback or criticism, I’ll be very happy to hear it!