Riverbond Review
Fun, addictive co-operative gameplayAesthetically pleasing pixelated visualsLarge variety of character skins and weaponsHigh replayability
Game only lasts a few hoursBoss battles are unique but often similarHefty price tag ($24.99)
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Short and sweet with plenty of replayability.

There isn’t much to preamble about in this review. There isn’t much left to say about indie games and devs that hasn’t already been said (here or otherwise). When the opportunity to review Riverbond came across my desk, I wasn’t initially sure whether I may have time to fit another title on the review docket. After doing a bit of research, I decided that it looked interesting and took the opportunity. It wasn’t long before I was absorbed into the fun and addicting gameplay, completing the original content and earning the platinum trophy in the process.

Riverbond is a fast paced co-operative action platformer of sorts with the visual aesthetics of, say, Minecraft. The premise is simple, too – you traverse various terrains while accomplishing a variety of tasks to unlock the next stage. Throughout each, you’ll battle an assortment of monsters with a plethora of weapons (using different types based on the enemies) until you reach the boss of the area. Each main baddie features unique set pieces and skills, making each climactic battle different from the next.

Gameplay in Riverbond is simple but enjoyable. You play as an assortment of characters and can switch your ‘skin’ before each level as you make your way to defeat the ultimate boss. Combat is simple: the attack button can issue short or charged attacks, and you’re also able to evade roll out of danger. Since you can hold up to five weapons, the variation for weapon style offers many different choices for players. Based on your playstyle and the weaknesses/attack styles of the enemies, you can strategically choose your choice of weapon for each situation. I typically utilized a spear/quick weapon alongside a projectile in order to dispatch most foes. It’s a simple system that offers a surprising amount of enjoyment and gameplay. 

There isn’t a ton to say about Riverbond that wouldn’t be superfluous. It’s a super enjoyable and short little indie title that offers fun co-operative play or solo adventuring. If you’re only rolling through it once, the experience will only take a few hours. With the amount of collectible costumes and such, alongside the co-operative play, you could milk much more time out of the game. If you’re like me, however, you’ll have earned the platinum trophy and moved on. This isn’t to say that it’s a bad experience; on the contrary, I quite enjoyed this game. It’s just a relatively short one. 

And perhaps it is that shortened length that makes the game that much more enjoyable.