The studio that produced 2-D robot fighting game Rising Thunder, Radiant Entertainment, has officially been acquired by Riot Studios (y’know, the folks that made League of Legends). As a result, the Alpha servers for Rising Thunder will be taken offline on March 18th. The development was announced yesterday by both Riot and Radiant:



Rising Thunder was the pet project of Tony and Tom Cannon, the founders of the Evolution Tournament Series (that is, the largest fighting game tournament in the world). Together, with the talent of Seth Killian, a lead developer on Street Fighter 4, the game would be their attempt in making a fighting game that was drastically different from most popular fighting titles today, by featuring one-button special moves and all-around simpler gameplay. This was supposed to offer players a lower skill gap to be flashy and effective, and a more rewarding experience as a result. That said, the game received frequent patching and continuing development, but it largely stagnated and saw diminishing player numbers.Rising-Thunder-3


However, another game that Radiant had been working on, Stonehearth, will continue onward. An open-world sandbox game, Radiant has stated explicitly that Alphas will continue to be delivered regularly and the game will see a full release at some point. As it’s somewhat reminiscent to Minecraft, and pretty robust for being in Alpha, it’s understandable why the plug wasn’t pulled on Stonehearth. On their homepage, Radiant Entertainment stated that another project will begin in place of Rising Thunder, but offered no information regarding it.

You can read the announcement on Radiant Entertainment’s website here.