Keep Hope Alive

Reviewed on PS4

Enter Metamorphosis, a secluded complex cut off from the outside world.  Now meet Hope; she is what is known as a Pre-Cal within the game. When she is considered to be corrupted, she looks for an escape. This is where the player comes in. Assist Hope with the use of the OMNI View. During the course of the game, it is necessary to switch between the two viewing systems. The normal, or Hope View, is where Hope is guided by players to avoid guards, hide, and gather items. OMNI View allows for hacking, checking forward, and scanning items. There are other characters that will provide help to both of you, so you are not alone. These other characters can act as guides to give direction and helpful hints on what can be done.


The story was going great until I hit Episode 4, my least favorite. The episode felt out of place. The story did not mesh with the previous chapters or even the following chapter. The small bits of important information during the episode probably could have been added into the other episodes. It ended up feeling more like padding to the game. I would also consider the 4th episode to be the hardest portion of the game. It lacks hiding spots, the guard is unpredictable, and some of the abilities I became used to were gone.

Throughout the course of the game you will need to switch from one camera to the next. In Hope View, it is best to have a clear eye on her. Otherwise, she could get caught on an object, and there goes the timing for passing the guard. Omni View is used to look forward and see where to go. Time will freeze when you are in this view. The best way I found to get through a majority of the game was to hide Hope. Then, I moved to cameras further along. After watching guard movements to learn their patterns, I would return to Hope with a better idea of how to move her past them.


There are limits moving to cameras further away from Hope. I found the further I got, the images got darker and harder to see. Eventually, I would be unable to get to a camera further along. The other limit comes from being limited in what can be seen from one camera. No camera in the game has a 360 view of the area, making it all the more important and necessary to switch between them. I did have some frustration when cameras switched automatically between rooms. More than once I ended up going back into the room I was trying to leave because the angle changed.

There are collectibles in the game. Finding them will not be as big of an issue as actually getting to them. Every guard you pass is likely to have a collectible that needs to be pick-pocketed to gain. Using one of the stun items on a guard will cause them to drop a collectible, too. The floppy disks found may have some familiar titles, as they show various games. Examples of these games include: Shovel Knight, This WAR of MINE, and Bastion. The same might be said of the banned books. There are also Zager Tapes. I was unable to find any of the tape players to actually listen to any of the tapes, however. The books and tapes are usually out in the open and might be out of the way of the objective to obtain.


There is more to collect in data. Data can be found by scanning posters and information on the walls. This data is helpful in getting upgrades. Throughout the game there are rooms that I considered check-points or safe-zones. In these rooms, there is a charging station for Hope’s phone to regain battery. And there is the Broker, where the data collected can be sold. Upgrades can be purchased via the Broker. Early on, I would suggest going for the upgrades that allow for hacking voicemail and emails. These abilities help in gaining more data that can ultimately lead to better upgrades later in the game.


This game reminded me of the Telltale games. The story was laid out into episodes, with some sort of development or twist at the end to launch into the next. It is different with the style of the visuals and far less amount of decisions that would impact the story. The environments for the game flowed very well. Any time I entered an area, I felt I was able to get through it. Nothing felt so impossible that it could not be done. The keys to this game involved patience and being aware of Hope’s placement in respect to the guards. How the game integrates the player into becoming a part of the story was different and interesting; rather than just having the players play as Hope, you are helping her and trying to protect her.

Republique Review
Interesting Player-Story integrationSmooth flow of story and game areas
4th Episode did not flow with rest of the gameAutomatically cut out of the camera that was needed/wanted
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