The Year Of Leaks Continues

Earlier this year, Fraghero reported that Red Dead Redemption 2 was in development and now the map has apparently leaked online. The map was posted on a thread on NeoGaf by the user Mideon. It was captured before it was removed and has since moved on to several websites.

Techradar, one of the sites with the map, claims, “a source close to the development of the new Red Dead, game has confirmed to us the map is indeed the real deal.”

red dead map

You can see the Great Plains from Red Dead Redemption as well as the town of Blackwater. The most interesting thing are the different islands scattered at the edges. This probably means there will be a way to reach these islands, probably through a small rowboat (sounds like Witcher 3)Strangely, there are no railroads on the map, which were an integral part of the first game. The new map also shows caravan camps scattered around, hinting at a less settled West. Since the main theme of the first game was the “end of the West”, then Red Read Redemption 2 might be a prequel centered around the formation of the West.

Again, this may be simply rumors, but this recent link seems to indicate that Rockstar is hard at work on a follow up to its highly successful Red Dead Redemption. The game was by far the best Western game and one of Rockstar’s best open-world games to date. Here’s hoping for an E3 announcement.