A certain crate-based betrayal isn’t going to stop Psyonix from dishing out the free DLC, apparently.

The newest patch, coming October, will introduce us to ‘Aquadome’ – a beautiful arena replete with all of the things one expects to see underwater: jellyfish, sharks, terraces holding audiences of balloon people, all the usual nautical fare.

Also included is some new music, for those of you who haven’t already curated their own special Rocket League playlist, and a couple of aquatic-themed battlecars sold separately. The cars (Triton and Proteus) look perfectly fine, and shiny, and imposing, and of course you’re never going to use them because you’ve already sunk hundreds of hours into perfecting your play with Gizmo but you don’t seem to be getting any better and the hours dwindle away and still you’re no better and where are the people? where are all the people? and why! why! why don’t I seem to be getting any bett–

Um, here’s the trailer: