It seems like Nintendo’s decision to abandon this generation early–after the shortcomings of the WiiU–and move to a new console has pushed other companies to follow suit (for some reason). While Microsoft opened the conference showing off the Xbox One S, they closed it by announcing that “Project Scorpio” will be coming to gamers Holiday 2017.

The big theme of Microsoft this year was accessibility across platforms (see: their Play Anywhere initiative) and thankfully “Project Scorpio” will be no different. Microsoft side-stepped community concerns by emphasizing that “Project Scorpio” “will not leave anyone behind” and will be compatible with both the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Microsoft chose to market “Project Scorpio” as “the most powerful console ever.” Their brief presentation boasted about improved graphics, often mentioned virtual reality, and used the word teraflops three times. The machine will run at a performance speed of six teraflops and support both 4K gaming and “high fidelity VR.”

For the announcement, watch here: