Keeping the hype train going all the way to E3, here are a few more gaming related reveals that are bound to have more information available next week.

Street Fighter V

With story mode set to arrive soon in Street Fighter V, players can now get their first glance at some of the cinematics they can expect to see.

Lego Dimensions

The trailer shows off several of the new characters coming to Lego Dimensions this fall, some appearing so fast that if you blink you may miss them.


Ensuring that Destiny’s fight is never finished, Bungie has revealed this following trailer for the new Expansion titled “Rise of Iron”, which is set to contain new quests, locations, gear and a six man raid.

The Witcher 3


A report from nerdleaks suggests the popular card game Gwent, from The Witcher 3, will be receiving a stand alone version. This speculation comes from a recent logo and trademark found for the game.

Dead Rising 4


An initial report from the other day showing a poster for the yet unofficially announced Dead Rising 4 lead to some serious speculation. On top of the leaked poster, a few images have surfaced that further the credibility of its existence and inevitable E3 reveal. Rumors have it the game is set to be a semi remake of the first Dead Rising, bringing the setting back to the original Willamette Mall, except this time during Christmas with the added ability to play 4 player coop.



Conan Exiles

Get ready to build, battle and perhaps conquer in this new Conan game that I’m not entirely sure anyone was asking for.