This week’s PokeMonday spotlight falls on the Moonlight Pokemon, Umbreon!

Although a it looks like nothing more than the size of a housecat, Umbreon’s PokeDex entry puts it actually larger than the size of an average Great Dane, standing at about a meter tall. It weighs in at about 59 pounds, whereas a Great Dane would weigh about 120 — Umbreon sure are skinny!

Umbreon, by National PokeDex number, is the first Dark type! It has the power to secrete a poisonous sweat from its pores when agitated, according to the PokeDex, but unfortunately cannot learn Toxic. Its abilities are Synchronize and Inner Focus — it is the only non-Psychic Pokemon to have Synchronize as an ability.

Did you know that despite having appeared many times in the Pokemon anime, Umbreon was never once seen using a Dark-type move? Isn’t that strange? You think that Umbreon might at least have a Bite in it or something…

Well, I’m afraid that’s all for this week’s PokeMonday, but make sure that you leave us a Pokemon that you’d like to see in the comments so that we can cover them next week! See you then, trainers!