This week’s PokeMonday focuses on the Forest Pokemon, Sceptile!

Sceptile mainly likes to hang around the jungle – the seeds on its back are designed to revitalize trees with their large amounts of nutrients. Despite how large it is in size, Sceptile is able to leap freely from branch to branch. It also regulates its body temperature similarly to how plants photosynthesize – by basking in the sunlight.

Did you know that originally, Sceptile’s Leaf Blade was its signature move! But in Generation IV many other Pokemon gained the ability to learn it. This is, in part, due to the splitting of physical and special moves in Generation IV.

Sceptile is the only fully evolved Hoenn starter that remains only single-typed. It also has the lowest base HP out of all starters, and is the lightest of all Grass starters. But, when Sceptile mega-evolves, no other Pokemon has the same typing as Mega Sceptile’s Grass/Dragon! It is the only Pokemon to currently exist with that typing. As Mega Sceptile, it has the highest Special Attack and Speed stats of all Grass types!


Well, that’s it for today’s PokeMonday! If you have a favorite Pokemon you’d like to share, leave it in the comments and we’ll be sure to hit it next week! See you then, trainers!