This Grass/Bug type debuted in the Unova region, which is from the Black and White series of games. It evolves from the Pokemon Swadloon, so it’s really come out of its shell! Leavanny stands at about 4 feet tall, and averages at about 45 pounds – pretty big for a bug!

Leavanny loves to sew things using the sticky silk it spits from its mouth (ew!), and will give Pokemon like other Sewaddle and Swadloon the leaves they wear on their bodies. It is also said that Leavanny will use dying leaves to keep its eggs warm!

Did you know that Ash had a Leavanny in the Pokemon anime? Leavanny evolved all the way from a baby Sewaddle that Ash found in the wild. Ash’s Sewaddle was very competitive, and always wanted to battle other Pokemon for bragging rights, but when he evolved into Leavanny, he was very caring, and always looked out for other Pokemon to make sure they weren’t hurt. That doesn’t mean he didn’t love to battle though! Leavann was actually the only Pokemon Ash ever had that evolved via friendship!

Leavanny can have Swarm or Chlorophyll as their ability, but their Hidden Ability, Overcoat, can be obtained via special circumstances. Leavanny are very strong and pretty fast for a starting bug Pokemon, which means that Grass and Dark type Pokemon should watch out. Moves like Bug Bite and X-Scissor from a Leavanny can really –LEAF– a mark! (Haha, Poke-humor.)

Well, that’s about it for this Pokemonday!

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