This week’s PokeMonday is the Balloon Pokemon, Jigglypuff!
Jigglypuff’s Japanese name is Purin, which sounds a lot like Pudding! They may have wanted to name Jigglypuff Pudding because of its rubbery and bouncy shape. But they decided to go with Jigglypuff in order to more resemble its name, The Balloon Pokemon. For this reason, they almost named Wigglytuff, Jigglypuff’s evolution, Custard!
Jigglypuff are filled with air, and can float around on the breeze. This is evidenced in Super Smash Bros. when Jigglypuff jumps – it has multiple jumps to appear like it is flying. Jigglypuff love to sing and will actually endanger their own lives by continuing to sing until they run out of air. Jigglypuff’s big eyes are not only cute, but they use their eyes to mesmerize opponents. They can even change the frequency in their voices to ensure slumber in their opponents!
Speaking of singing, the Jigglypuff in the Pokemon anime actually appeared in an episode of the Advanced Generation series, entitled “A Poke-BLOCK Party!” This is interesting because Jigglypuff was almost never seen outside of the original series, and for it to appear so suddenly and then be gone right afterward was a shock. In this episode, Jigglypuff appears out of nowhere to sing and put everyone to sleep, but because a Whismur has the ability Soundproof, it doesn’t fall asleep from the singing and thus, Jigglypuff is very happy!
Jigglypuff’s HP stat makes up twofold for the rest of its lackluster stats, and makes it a really nice tank for trainers using it early into their adventures. And with its new Fairy typing, it was able to do a good amount of damage with Fairy moves like Disarming Voice. And with its signature Sing attack, Jigglypuff’s enemies will be sleeping before they know it!
Well, that’s all for this week’s Pokemonday! Did you have a Jigglypuff on any of your Pokemon adventures? If so, leave it in the comments! And hey, if you have a Pokemon you’d like us to cover for our next Pokemonday, let us know there too!