This week’s PokeMonday spotlight falls on the Brutal Pokemon, Hydreigon!

The Hydreigon evolutionary line’s English names revolve around the German system of counting – Ein, Zwei, and Drei, which, counting, would be equal to the number of heads they have. dEINo has one head, ZWEIlous has two, and finally, HyDREIgon has three. The “Hydr” in Hydreigon’s name also refers to the Hydra, a mythical being with multiple heads.

Hydreigon evolves from Zweilous later than any other Pokemon, at level 64. This gives it tome to learn a lot of great moves, such as Crunch and Dragon Pulse. Because you also find Deino at such a high level in Victory Road, this could also be why Zweilous evolves so late.

Each one of Hydreigon’s evolutionary line learns a Normal type move according to its number of heads. Deino learns Tackle, Zweilous learns Double Hit, and Hydreigon learns Tri Attack.

Did you know that Hydreigon’s two smaller heads do not have brains? The one brain controls the three heads and winged limbs simultaneously – anything that it sees registers as a foe, prompting its attack. It devours everything in its path, because it responds to movement by attacking.

Well, that’s all for this week’s PokeMonday! Do you have a favorite Pokemon you’d like featured next week? Write it in the comments and we’ll research that one next!