This week’s Pokemon is the Freeze Pokemon, Articuno!

Articuno’s Japanese name is Freezer, which goes along with Zapdos’ Japanese name Thunder and Moltres’ Fire. In English, Articuno’s name is a play on Arctic, a very cold place near the Earth’s ice caps, and Uno, the Spanish word for “one”. This makes sense because Zap”dos” follows after it in the PokeDex, which is then followed by Mol”tres”.

It is said that when Articuno’s wings flap, snow will fall beneath it. This is because Articuno created freezing cold air by flapping its wings. It lives high up in the mountains, and is said to appear to weary travelers lost there. There is a legend that the reason why Articuno’s wings are a pale blue translucent color is because its wings are made of ice.

Articuno is actually the last Generation 1 Pokemon to be introduced in the anime, and the only one that didn’t appear in season 1. Articuno’s first anime appearance was in The Power of One, when Articuno plays a large role in the summoning of Lugia, the Guardian of the Sea.

Sorry, but Articuno’s a short one this time! We’ll catch you next week! If there’s a Pokemon that you hold a special place in your heart for, make sure that you let us know in the comments and we’ll try to do it next week!