This week’s PokeMonday is the Royal Guard Pokemon, Aegislash!

Aegislash is based off of a possessed sword and shield – some think it resembles Excalibur, due to its innate ability to sense royalty! Its name is a mix of Aegis, which is Zeus’ shield in Greek Mythology, and slash, for the sword part of its body.

Aegislash has the ability to change forms, from its Blade Forme into the Shield Forme. This is because of its ability, Stance Change, which switches its Attack and Special Attack stats with its Defense and Special Defense. This allows it to pack powerful moves like Shadow Ball or Iron Head, and still have moves like King’s Shield to protect it from harm. Speaking of King’s Shield, did you know it is an Aegislash exclusive move, and that it is the only move that allows Aegislash to change forms. King’s Shield is unable to be copied, suppressed, Traced, or replaced. If another Pokemon other than Aegislash obtains Stance Change, it cannot change forms.

Aegislash, in its Blade Forme, is tied with Dialga as having the strongest Special Attack of all Steel-type Pokemon, but is also tied with Mega Scizor for having the largest Attack stat. On top of that, Aegislash’s Blade Forme holds the title of the lowest Defense stat of all Steel-types. On the contrary though, Shield Forme Aegislash has the highest base Special Defense stat of all Ghost types, and is tied with its pre-evolution Doublade for the highest Defense of all Ghost-types.

Aegislash is certainly not a Pokemon to mess with, considering that in some modes of battle, they’re banned from use. So if you use an Aegislash, you’ve raised a really powerful Pokemon!

That’s it for this week’s PokeMonday! Do you have a favorite Pokemon? Tell us in the comments and we might do them next week!