Two new Pokemon have been revealed in this month’s CoroCoro magazine!


The pink and white bear-like Pokemon, with the Japanese name Kiteruguma, is Normal/Fighting type. It is said that this Pokemon is actually widely feared in the Alola region — so much so that there are warning signs about it. It is strong enough that it can break anything in two, so watch out for its hugs, because love hurts! To raise a Kiteruguma is to put your life in danger!

Kiteruguma’s abilities are Klutz, which means that the Pokemon is unable to use any held items, and a new ability called Fluffy.

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The Pikachu imposter is a Ghost/Fairy type named Mimikkyu. This Pokemon hates the sunlight, and prefers to stay where it’s nice and dark. There are rumors that say if you remove the cloth that Mimikkyu hides under, you’ll be affected by an illness. It also sports a new ability called Disguise.

What do you think of these new Pokemon? A Ghost/Fairy type sure seems interesting, but it’s also cute! And Kiteruguma is adorable, but why does it scare so many people? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and stop back by Bit Cultures for more Pokemon news!

Source: Serebii