Here’s another Pokemon Sun and Moon update, this time with the news we’ve all been waiting for! They’ve finall revealed the final stages of our starter friends, so let’s dive right in!



Our first is the beautiful evolution of Brionne, named Primarina — a Water/Fairy type. This Pokemon loves to sing and dance, but it doesn’t like to overdo it. Overuse of its voice can be a dangerous problem, because this is how it controls it bubbles it makes while dancing. Some of these bubbles explode when touched! Primarina has a special move called Sparkling Aria, in which it heals the burns of the Pokemon it hits!

The middle Pokemon is none other than Incineroar, a Fire/Dark (whew, dodged a bullet there) Pokemon with a fiery personality! This Pokemon is merciless in its attacks — so much so that sometimes it attacks the opposing trainer, which may cause trainers to stay away from raising one. But this Pokemon thrives off of the applause and attention it gets while battling. If it receives attention and admiration from children or young Pokemon, it may act cool, but deep down, Incineroar is immensely happy. It’s signature move, Darkest Lariat, ignores the target’s stat changes.

And last but not least, we have Decidueye (a mix between “deciduous” and “eye”). It is a Grass/Ghost-type Pokemon that never misses its target. It is a silent stalker, able to sneak up on prey and attack in a tenth of a second. They can even fire curved shots! Decidueye act cool, but can get flustered very easily, especially if a battle goes wrong. Its special move is Spirit Shackles, which keeps a Pokemon from switching out.


But those weren’t the only Pokemon shown off in the latest trailer!


First up here is the evolved form of Alolan Meowth, Alolan Persian. This Pokemon is a pure Dark type, and can take the Fur Coat or Technician. The Alolan version of this Pokemon is highly revered as being a very beautiful Pokemon, especially because of its round face. (snerk)

The next few are the Island Guardians, similar to Tapu Koko: Tapu Lele, Tapu Fini, and Tapu Bulu! These Pokemon, like Tapu Koko, can all learn Nature’s Madness, an attack that reduced a Pokemon’s HP by half. They all ALSO share a new Z-move called Guardian of Alola, which you really just have to see to fully appreciate.

Tapu Lele, next to Alolan Persian, is a Psychic/Fairy type with the interesting ability “Psychic Surge” which changes the landscape into a “weird” state. You’re reading that right. The battlefield gets weird. It gets an attack Psychic Terrain, a new move that functions similarly to Electric Terrain. Tapu Lele is the guardian deity of Akala Island.

Tapu Bulu, a Grass/Fairy Pokemon, is the guardian deity of Ula’Ula Island. It has the ability Grass Surge, which turns the field into Grassy Terrain when Tapu Bulu enters battle. This Pokemon is not very active, but takes part in helping nature grow wherever it travels.

And then there is Tapu Fini, the Water/Fairy Pokemon, who is the guardian deity of Poni Island. Its ability is Misty Surge, which turns the terrain into Misty Terrain when Tapu Fini enters battle, similar to the attack of the same name. Tapu Fini is in possession of a purifying water that is heavily sought after by many people, but no one is able to navigate the thick fogs this Pokemon produces to get to it.

The last Pokemon is Cosmog, a small, cute Psychic type with a lot of personality! It has the ability Unaware, and is actually a very rare sight in Alola! According to the Pokemon website: “Cosmog is very curious and shows no fear of people or Pokémon. If you treat it with any consideration at all, it will take an immediate liking to you. This personality trait often leads it into danger.” What a sweetheart!

There are also a few cool new features shown off in the newest trailer, one being that there is a Pokemon League being built on the top of a very tall mountain. Not much is known about what will be there, but it is known that after you complete the Alolan Pokemon League, you’ll be able to challenge the Battle Tree, where you can battle against and alongside Pokemon greats, like Cynthia and Wally! Red and Blue also make an appearance in the Battle Tree, having grown quite a lot since we’ve last seen them. They look to be vacationing in Alola, taking in the sights while competing. Isn’t it a wonder that Red is the Pokemon Champion AND likes to stand on mountains, and this Pokemon League just so happens to be on a mountain? Looks like the guy found his calling…! Anyway, even though they’re on vacation, Red and Blue are always up for a Pokemon battle.

That’s all for this trailer! We’re getting closer and closer to Pokemon Sun and Moon’s release — I’m so excited! What is the thing you’re hyped for most so far?