It seems like it’s been forever, but we finally get to see the first evolutions of our three Alolan starters! And it looks like there are even more features to be played! Let’s jump right in!

New Pokemon:


Not as many new Pokemon as usual, but these are the ones we’ve really been waiting for!

The first Pokemon is Dartrix, the evolved form of Rowlet. It appears to be suave and debonair, but can actually be a pretty big birdbrain, messing things up and then playing it off like nothing happened. Dartrix hides its sharp feathers inside pockets of its wings, throwing them at enemies while fighting. It takes the strong will of a trainer to keep Dartrix on your team, though, as sometimes this Pokemon will just walk off the battlefield!

The second Pokemon is Torracat, the evolved form of Litten. This Pokemon may look like just a bigger, more muscular version of its pre-evolution, but it really packs a punch. Torracat’s forelegs are extremely powerful — so powerful, they can bend iron bars and knock out large men in a single hit! Also, the sac on its neck may look like a bell, but it actually is the source of Torracat’s firepower. But that doesn’t stop it from ringing like a bell when it uses fire attacks.

The third Pokemon is Brionne, the Pop Star Pokemon. This Pokemon, much like Popplio, is always performing, always perfecting its dance moves. It is said that Brionne can always fall into step with anyone, even when seeing the routine for the first time! But if Brionne is ever sad, it will never show it, unless to a trainer who it trusts with all its being.

And who’s that there on the end? Why it’s Ash-Greninja, who you can obtain by completing a special demo of Pokemon Sun and Moon that will release on October 18th! This Pokemon has a special ability called “Battle Bond” which, upon defeating an enemy, turns it into Ash-Greninja. And the best part is, Ash-Greninja will be able to be transferred to your Pokemon Sun and Moon upon release! Cool!

Festival Plaza:

The festival plaza functions a lot like the Union Room or Join Avenue of old, where people can hop in on all kinds of festivities happening on this special island. Battling, trading, GTS, you name it, and you can probably do it in the Festival Plaza. You can also show visitors around the island, and obtain Festival Poinsts, which can be used to get special items as well as dye your clothes new colors! As you do more things in your plaza, its level will increase, and in turn, you’ll receive more rewards, but there will also be more to do!

Oh, and remember this kid, Sophocles? Yeah, he’s the island captain. He’s adorable.

Poke Pelago:

The Poke Pelago is a place the Pokemon in your PC go to have fun when you’re not using them, which seems like a much more humane way of doing things instead of letting them waste away as data in a computer. On one island, you can have your Pokemon train and become stronger, feeding them special drinks in order to rain for a specific stat. On another, you can have your Pokemon explore a cave and find items that they’ll bring back for you to keep. And on another your Pokemon hang out and might possibly find a few new friends that you can add to your Pokemon family! The Poke Pelago is a fun way to keep in touch with the Pokemon you’re storing away.

Mega Evolution Returns:

In what really should be a surprise to no one, Mega Evolution makes a return to Pokemon Sun and Moon. Using the Z-Ring, you can push the boundaries of evolution once more! You’ll be able to find Mega Stones in special areas or purchase them from special shops. Who knows if we’ll see any new Mega Evolutions in this generation?

Well, there you have it! What was your favorite part of this new trailer? Leave a comment below, and we’ll catch ya next time!