Go Take a Walk in a Winter Wonderland

Pokémon Go is getting into the holiday spirit with a couple of announcements for its long-time players and incentives to draw in some new blood to the mobile title.

First, the game’s rolling out an update that includes a few brand new Pokémon from the main series’ Johto Region. These Pokémon won’t be able to be found and caught like all the others; rather, players will have to get eggs from Pokéstops to see which little critter from the games’ second generation they’ll wind up with (though Pichu and Togepi are definitely confirmed). Niantic also confirmed the rumored licensing deals with Starbucks and Sprint stores in the same announcement, confirming that some of the Gen 2 Pokémon will be available at Pokéstops in participating retailers.

The second announcement is something a bit more festive. Throughout the month of December, players will have the opportunity to catch a Pikachu with a cute little Santa hat. Any Santachu caught during the event will keep its hat all the way through the next year.

More info can be found at the game’s website.