Pokemon Fans rejoice! The Pokemon Direct has just ended and there’s some big news. The Direct began with┬áTsunekazu Ishihara recounts the release of Pokemon Red and Green, speaking of how the hardware has led the way for the game to evolve from the sprites on a monochromatic screen to the wonderful 3D models that are what we know now. Ishihara then starts up a beautiful video that shows trainers playing, battling, and trading throughout the generations. Then the bomb is dropped. The Pokemon Sun and Moon logs we reported on yesterday have been confirmed and the games are coming later this year. We weren’t shown much other than a few solitary screens (one of which being the wire frame for a new bird Pokemon!), but the news is huge and we absolutely love it.

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Another exciting announcement was that the Eshop versions of Red, Blue, and Yellow will be able to take advantage of Pokemon Bank so that trainers will finally be able to trade over their beloved partners from the older games to the brand new ones.