March is here, and with it comes the next month of free games for Playstation Plus subscribers. This month’s games are as followed:

For PS4:

  • Tearaway Unfolded
  • Disc Jam
  • Lumo (Cross-Buy with Vita)

For PS Vita:

  • Lumo
  • Severed

For PS3:

  • Earth Defense Force 2025
  • Under Night: In-Birth

The two PS4 titles should provide players with ample entertainment. Tearaway Unfolded, a port of a Vita original, currently sits with an 81% on Metacritic, with critic reviews applauding it for its fun gameplay and innovative controls thanks to the Dualshock 4. Meanwhile, Disc Jam totes fast-paced, addictive competitive action with its unique air hockey/tennis/Tron hybrid gameplay.

On Vita, Lumo is a puzzle-platformer that harkens back to the day of isometric platforming games (think Q*bert). Severed is a competent puzzler with a compelling narrative and unique cast of characters.

On the PS3, Earth Defense Force 2025 is a great grab if you’re a fan of checking your brain at the door for some pure alien-genocidal action, and Under Night: In-Birth (asinine title aside) is an accessible and fun anime 2D fighting game, featuring a versatile and interesting assortment of fighters.

All in all, March isn’t a bad month for PS+ subscribers. What do you think of the games on offer? Let us know in the comments below!