Full of Mysteries

The release of the teaser website from PlayStation Japan doesn’t give a huge amount of detail. But the main thing that it has is a video teaser.

The video itself gives a horror vibe. The ticking of clock as the white wall gets more aged with cracks and dark patches. The view on an arm with a strange red mark, that at least from my eyes seems like teeth. The black bunny rabbit with red eyes. The translucent figure with even more red marks covering over the surface. Then the blowing out of a candle. Ending with a female voice.

There are some rough translations that can be done to provide more clues. I obtain these using Imtranslator.

From the video’s description on Youtube,

'Shirushi', it counts down to 'death' 
PS Vita compatible software 'dead seal'

The word ‘Shirushi’ having meaning of, “mark, symbol, evidence” (Source)

What thoughts do you have about this new mysterious game?