Play Free Now Until Sunday

Still haven’t experienced the high octane fun that is Rocket League? Seriously? Well, if you’ve missed out on this experience, then you’re in luck. Free this weekend on Steam is Rocket League, the soccer-with-cars game that’s taken the gaming world by storm. The free preview lasts from now until Sunday at 4PM EST. If you enjoyed the game, you can purchase it for forty percent off, including all DLC for twenty percent off. The sale lasts until 1 PM EST on Monday.

Writer Steven Stark gave Rocket League an 89 percent in his review,  stated that: “Rocket League is one of those rare games that defies expectations and delivers a knuckle-bracing, sweat-inducing, expletive-erupting ‘sports’ experience that will leave you panting, “just one more” after every defeat and victory. Its fast and fluid gameplay are wonderfully tripled with a great soundtrack and bright, colorful visuals – and it is capital D-A-M-N fun.”

So if you haven’t played this gem, go play it now on Steam.