Welcome to this week’s Pineapple Gaming update!

Wait, what happened? No episodes went up this week! You may have seen our post about it already, but if not we’ll just explain here. Some real life stuff happened and it prevented us from recording. Moreso, Biz and Chaos had no time to be together and record! Biz even tried recording a segment with just her and that failed, so we had no choice but to miss a week of episodes– a small hiatus. But we’ll be back next week with more Final Fantasy XV!

In the meantime, let’s recap what we’ve done in the last two weeks of 2016!

We continued and finished our One-Off Wonder Week with Kitten Squad, Quraré, and Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour. That weekend was Christmas, so we aired episodes of Hitman: Holiday Hoarders on Christmas Eve, and Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight on Christmas Day.

The following week, we started Final Fantasy XV! (Did you catch the Easter Egg hinting that this was the game we were gonna play next, in Biz’s Perler Crafts commercial?)

So, we are now in 2017 and we have some big plans! Other than working towards better equipment and recording spaces, we will also be aiming to host a panel at Metrocon 2017! (August 3-6, in Tampa). We have plenty more plans from where that came from, but we can’t give everything away!

In the meantime, catch up on our recent playlists!

One-Off Wonder Week:

Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Episodes:

Final Fantasy XV:

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