“We like pineapples… a lot.”

Welcome to Pineapple Gaming! It’s finally 2016, and we’ve deemed it “The Year of the Pineapple”! In celebration of the new year, we’ve made some new changes! We have a newly designed logo and opening for episodes, and we are also working on a new banner– it should be here very soon!

To catch up on our gaming adventures, we played The Grinch for Christmas, we finished Spyro the Dragon with Kit from Random Encounter, and now we’ve returned to Kingdom Hearts! Episodes are uploaded daily at 4:30pm EST!

In other news, we’ve decided to stop streaming our recording sessions for episodes. Episodes will still be recorded, but we wanted to focus on making our stream quality better. If we have a good stream, it will be uploaded as a “Stream Rip” on the following Friday after the stream date. Speaking of streaming, we will be live THIS FRIDAY (1/8/15) at 4pm EST, where we will be taking level requests and playing those levels in Super Mario Maker! We’re also playing Splatoon and Super Smash Brothers, so it’s gonna be a blast! Don’t miss it!

And for our final announcement, we officially have a Patreon! We’re still a new and growing Let’s Play channel, and we would really appreciate it if you took the time to not only check us out, but also check out the awesome rewards you could receive by donating to our cause! For example, if you donate $10 or more, you will receive this official Pineapple Gaming perler bead piece, handmade (with love) by Bizcooitz!

1936930_485176498354034_5312030510338197589_nAnd of course, don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to us on YouTube!

Until next time, stay fresh!