Hi everyone, welcome to another post by Pineapple Gaming!

Yes, Pineapple Gaming is still very much alive– just bad at posting updates. So, here’s a GIANT update post!

All The Games We’ve Played!

First and foremost, since our last update we’ve played many games! Here is a list:

As of the current games we have on the menu:


Video Upload Schedule

While we’re on the topic of uploads, we have also changed our upload schedule. Due to events happening in our personal lives, our upload schedule has been changed from “every day” to “every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday”. We’re hoping to one day see ourselves going back to daily uploads, but for right now we don’t have much of a choice. The length of our episodes have also changed, due to the videos not being uploaded every day. Our new episode length has been changed from 10-12 minutes to 16-20 minutes. The time of the uploads remains the same, 4:30pm EST.

Stream Schedule

If you’re curious about our streams, Pineapple Gaming seems to be favoring Twitch over YouTube Gaming. We stream games like Overwatch straight from our new PS4, and it has been glorious. We’e struggling to have a concrete stream schedule, mainly because Bizcooitz tends to work on the weekends. On the off chance that she has a weekend-day off, we usually take that opportunity to stream. Make sure to check up on our Twitter and Facebook pages for stream news and updates!

We’re Going Out!

Pineapple Gaming will be attending METROCON in Tampa, for all four days (July 21-25). We don’t have any panels or anything (yet), but we will be walking around and hanging out!  If you see us there, feel free to come say hi! You can find us rocking our official Pineapple Gaming T-Shirts!


Awesome, right? Yeah, we know.

Wrapping Up

That’s all we have for today’s giant update post. We’ve come a long way since our last post: We played many games, we had to make a lot changes, we had to overcome obstacles (like a kid stealing our logo for instance– don’t worry, that was solved)… but we’re still here, playing video games and having fun, and that’s what really matters.

We would like to thank everyone who follows us for being so patient with our adjustments– and, for those of you who don’t know us or haven’t seen our stuff yet, we hope you’ll check us out!

Until next time!