It was in November of 2016 that I wrote an article, Photography in Gaming. Shortly after, I started noticing even more games including their own photography feature. I want to continue highlighting games that implement photography features in interesting and creative ways. This time, we’re focusing on the games Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone and Final Fantasy XV.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone

Taking photos is not a large aspect of this title, but it’s still there. The picture feature can only be used while playing the music videos solo or in a playlist. This allows players to capture some of the cool visuals from the music videos, and the pictures taken by players will then appear during the loading screens of the game. This incentive tosee your work is more interactive and personal than staring at a blank loading screen. From my experience, I recommend using this over the share button while playing through a song. When there are roughly over 200 button presses to hit, the share menu will disrupt your timing for sure. Plus, it gives the chance to actually see all the visuals that may have been missed while focusing on playing through the song.

Final Fantasy XV

My bias towards the Final Fantasy series jumped further with the inclusion of Prompto’s camera. Sure, I could still use the share button, but most of the time I was more interested in seeing what Prompto would produce than trying to capture my own. With this feature being attached exclusively to one character put the feature on another level. It added to Prompto’s personality and interests, and the fact that it aligned with my interests made him stand out to me. This is especially true since prior to the game’s release, I viewed his appearance as a discount Cloud design rather than his own character.

Most of Prompto’s pictures will be taken randomly while you travel around the maps. From riding around in the Regalia, racing across the map on Chocobos, running around on foot, or fighting off monsters mid-battle—any time is a photo opportunity for this enthusiast. When you’re ready to take a rest at a camping spot, trailer, or spring the gil for a hotel, it will be time to see the collection of photos Prompto has taken since the last time the group rested. There is a max limit to how many can be taken, so if you wait too long, some gems might have been swapped out or lost along the way. Any favorites that are seen here can be saved in a gallery to browse through—up to 150 photos.

A great aspect to this skill is that it doesn’t require any real going out of the way to level. In my current file, Prompto is nearing the max level of 10 on this skill. Everyone else is sitting at a 5 or lower for their unique skills, because they require more to be done. Still, Prompto can reach max level quicker with Photo related missions.

Some of these missions will appear while riding around. Prompto will make a request to take a picture. These will be group photos and a souvenir for the journey. Others require pictures to be taken of certain locations and areas to then be returned to the initiator of the quest. While Prompto’s random pictures will be taken at any time, the quest related images need to wait for the morning. This makes it a good idea to check the time before you start climbing a volcano to the top and then not being able to do anything for a few in-game hours (talking from experience on that one).

The feature comes packed in with some filters. As the skill increases in level, the number of filters grows. Players can also decide the filters they want to see more or less of, like the Pop filter, to set it to appear more often. Not a fan of the Monochrome? Set it to never appear. These preferences can be changed at anytime from the menu. For those keeping up with the updates, Square Enix is continuing to add to this feature. From filters to frames, to being able to use the camera with Noctis.