We Know More than just their looks now!

Atlus has release more details forĀ other characters. Giving more info than just there appearances in the trailer footage.

Makoto Niijima and Joanna

Makoto Niijima

A third year student in the same school as the protagonist. She’s the student council president and has a calm level personality with a sense of responsibility. She is strict to the rules and overly serious.

Her Persona, Joanna is shaped like a Motorcycle. The name based from the name of what legends refer as the first female Pope, “Pope Joan” during the Middle Ages.

Futaba Sakura and Necronomicon

Futaba Sakura

A computer genius with great programming skills, but terrible communications skills. She would be a 1st year high school student if she was attending high schools. After an incident she became a shut in. How will she meet the protagonist and his companions?

The appearance of a UFO. Necronomicon gains its name from the grimoire. Engraved with information and techniques.

Haru Okumura and Milady

Haru Okumura

A third year student of the same school as the protagonist, Syujin High School. She is the daughter of the President of a major restaurant chain. Grew up in wealth with an elegant and naive personality. She observes others and is a good communicator, but care little for developing relationships with people.

Milady’s name comes from the woman that appears in Three Musketeers. She wears an elegant dress with a powerful weapon hidden beneath.


Do you already have a favorite of the new characters?