Blizzard just announced its latest and most hotly-anticipated Hero for its multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch: Doomfist, one of the leaders of the game’s in-universe Legion of Doom, Talon.

In Doomfist’s announcement video, we see the titular villain punch his way straight out of his highly-secure prison cell as flashbacks show just how much of a danger he poses to Overwatch and the world at large. Doomfist seems to be a bit of a Social Darwinist, believing that the only way for humanity to survive is by basically beating the hell out of anything that would try to stop their growth. Overwatch is naturally opposed to that, so they try to stop him…but not without a bit of a cost. *

In a development update video, Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch team went into more detail about Doomfist’s actual backstory, gameplay style, and mechanics. An Offense character (which is a bit surprising since you’d figure a guy with a giant fist would be a Tank, but sure, whatever works), Doomfist hails from Nigeria and is a member of Talon’s inner council, alongside longtime owl mask aficionado Reaper. You know I was joking about the whole “Legion of Doom” thing, right Jeff? It sounds like the two may not see eye to eye, which makes for an interesting dynamic between people who are ostensibly on the same side.
Doomfist fights mainly with his pair of armored gauntlets. His abilities include a windup blow that can be charged up and plow through shields called Rocket Punch, a self-explanatory Rising Uppercut that sends him-and anyone in its wake-into the air, and an AOE attack called a Seismic Slam which is basically a weaponized Superhero Landing. He also has a knuckle shotgun on his left hand, because why the hell not. His Ultimate, Meteor Strike, is basically Seismic Slam meets Earthshatter, a dive bomb that stuns and potentially damages all in its very wide radius. He also gets a temporarily shield during his attacks so he doesn’t just get shot in the face during his attacks. Long story short, he’s here to make all your first-person Captain Falcon and Kamen Rider dreams come true, except without the masks and bodysuits.Now, there is an elephant in the room here-Doomfist is not voiced by the one guy who’s been rumored to be the character’s voice from before he was even announced: Terry Crews. It’s a shame that he wasn’t chosen because he really, really seemed to want that job, and it’s easy to get caught up in his own excitement for the character. Here’s the thing though (and I say this with a lot of respect to Crews’ talent): the guy they did get, actor Sahr Ngaujah, is a damn good fit. He’s got an imposing, booming voice with a lot of weight behind it, something akin to a movie villain’s narrative style. Crews is a very talented actor who can take on a lot of different tones and personalities in his work, but it’s clear that the Overwatch team had someone different in mind. Besides, not having Doomfist clears him up to potentially be other Heroes down the line, right?


More information on Doomfist will be revealed sometime in the near future.

*Ok, so, is Tracer dead or just stuck in the time stream? You can’t leave us on a cliffhanger like that, Jeff!