No Healers, 76 Only, Final Destination

Jeff Kaplan, the director of Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter Overwatch, announced two big changes coming to the game in the near future: a server browser, which will allow players to host and join custom games, and a permanent version of the game’s Capture the Flag mode, which made its debut in Overwatch’s Chinese New Year event.

In a YouTube update video, Kaplan explains that the decision to create a server browser came after hearing lots of fan feedback regarding players not being able to play the kind of matches they wanted to. The server browser will allow for players to discover, join, and make matches that best fit how they want to play. As well, custom games will now allow EXP to be gained after each match, just like in traditional quick play. As for the Capture the Flag mode, it will be brought to both custom matches and the general arcade mode with a whole slew of new maps, all converted from the already existing control maps.

Capture the Flag was a pretty fun part of the Chinese New Year event (despite how often it just became a game of keep away whenever anyone got a single point), and I’ve been hoping for a way to make some ridiculous custom matches since the game came out, so both of these updates are music to my ears.

There’s no specific word yet on just when the update will drop, but expect it sometime within the next month at the least.