Probably not in the form you might expect, though…

Blizzard is bringing characters from Overwatch into World of Warcraft in the form of a revived survival arena. Longtime fans of WoW will recall the Brawler’s Guild challenge arena in which players face waves of enemies alone in an MMO. The mode was dropped for obvious reasons but now Blizzard has rechristened it “Ogrewatch” and will be adding it to WoW as part of the upcoming 7.1.5 update. Fansite Wowhead has data mined Ogrewatch and found the following Overwatch characters:

  • Winston (Hudson)
  • McRee (Dupree)
  • Junkrat (Stuffshrew)
  • Tracer (Blinker)
  • RoadHog (Boagurt)
  • Reaper (Render)
  • Reinhardt (Steingardt)

The WoW models for the characters can be seen in this video.