From looks and functionality to tales of victory and heartfelt anecdotes, there are a lot of ways we end up with a favorite Pokémon.

Here are a few of our favorites here at Bit Cultures:



I skipped a lot of Pokémon games, so picking up Alpha Sapphire made for one incredible game of catch up. Shroomish was one of the first to enter my roster, and he quickly solidified his spot. Absorb had always been one of my favorite attacks and I loved watching the animation of Shroomish taking health from their enemies. Not to mention Shroomish’s adorable and derpy face. But it was my friend’s advice that really got me attached to Shroomish: “If you keep leveling it up without evolving it, it will be able to execute spore with 100% accuracy.” Spore puts enemies to sleep, a great way to get some extra hits in or switch out Pokémon and–if you’re lucky–get a shot in before your enemy wakes up.” So I waited to evolve Shroomish, but by the time he could execute spore with 100% accuracy, I was too attached. Shroomish’s evolution, Breloom, is perfectly fine, but with all that me and Shroomish have been through, from countless hours of hunting for new Pokémon to going toe-to-toe with Kyogre (resulting in Shroomish’s immediate demise, of course), I refuse to let the cute little derp grow up.




This one has a sentimental reason for me. I can barely remember which game it was, but I remember my best friend telling me they wanted to give me a Pokémon. I didn’t even know what they were giving me till the trade completed. But then what arrived was a Ralts- a shiny Ralts. It was the first shiny I ever got and coming as a gift from a friend made it even better. I remember my team beginning to cement when they had given it to me. I reset my line-up and trained that Ralts into Kirlia and then Gardevoir. It was one of my strongest against the Elite Four. I might not have thought much of the Pokémon before, but ever since, it has a special place in my heart.




Eevee is a Pokémon that holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons. First of all, design wise, Eevee is an adorable compilation of some of my favourite animals (dog, cat, fox and even some inspiration from the raccoon dog). They all fuse together to create this cute bundle of fuzzy brown fluff. Not only that, but it is one of the more interesting Normal type Pokémon in the entire franchise. It has the most evolution options out of any Pokémon, each of which is capable of so much. When I look at Eevee, I am reminded of how much potential it truly has and how versatile a creature it is. Eevee is capable of adapting to any scenario or situation it finds itself in, and I find that to be quite inspiring, actually. When I feel like I might not be able to adapt to something I’m not used to, I sometimes think of Eevee. I think of that sweet little Pokémon that can adapt itself to brave the darkest night, swim to the darkest depths, and embrace the love of those who care for it. There may be more reasons as to why other people adore Eevee, but those are just some of my feelings towards this brilliant Pokémon.




Chikorita was my first ever non-Pikachu starter Pokémon, considering I played Yellow and Gold before I went back to play Blue. I have so many fond memories of raising my Chikorita, from its first humble days, to when I was able to evolve it into Bayleef after fighting (and almost losing) to a Firebreather in Dark Cave, to when a friend and I had a link cable battle, and I defeated all six of his (copy-glitched) level 100 Togetic with my one Meganium, whom I had lovingly trained to level 100 myself. I was so proud of my Pokémon, and I kept it right up until one day I tried to load up my game and my save file was gone, lost to the death of the game’s internal battery. I was really sad that day, but it was then when I realized that Chikorita would probably always be my favorite.




I used to not like bug types at all, but Generation 5 changed that completely. About the only exception to the rule at the time was maybe Butterfree because it could learn a few psychic type moves, but otherwise I thought a majority of them were either weak or ugly or both, and I didn’t want to be anywhere near them. When Black and White were first released, I really needed a grass type in my team, and Sewaddle looked surprisingly cute compared to what I’ve seen in previous titles. I decided to give it a shot, and I was genuinely surprised at how good it actually was in battle. It quickly solidified its spot on my team, and, as it evolved into Swadloon, my heart. By the time it finally evolved into Leavanny, I was so ecstatic. A solid grass type that could also learn strong bug moves? Unbeatable. Also, it makes tiny clothes for tiny Pokémon. How can you NOT love something that precious?


Charmander (evolutionary line)


I love the Charmander evolutionary line. Something about them just really stuck with me ever since the first time I played Red. Part of it was being able to say I beat Brock with my Charmander (not realizing at the time it was due to a mix of luck and grinding/training it to become a tank since I just liked battling wild Pokémon). The anime helped with that by having Ash’s Charmander have an actual personality and character to it. Hell, I dressed up as Charmeleon for Halloween once before! There’s just something I adore about that line, and that’s stayed true for all these years.




Gyarados has been a mainstay on my team since I was playing Red version in kindergarten. In Gold, I had a red and blue one on my team. What made me love Gyarados is that it’s very much a “rags to riches” sort of pokemon: starting off as a lowly Magikarp, not much good for anything, that’s almost deadweight that just gets carried for a while. However, despite all the pain and frustration, it is BRIMMING with potential. You see, Gyarados reminds me a lot of myself. When I was a kid, I was the unpopular kid who had okay grades, was picked last for everything, and was awful at socializing. Like a lot of awkward nerds, however, I blossomed in my late teens into a fairly athletic social butterfly with a ‘tude. When Magikarp evolves at level 20, you get the meanest, nastiest, ugliest non-Dragon dragon you could ask for. It has a face only a mother could love, and I damn sure do.




“Snorlax’s typical day consists of nothing more than eating and sleeping.” – the Pokédex.

What’s not to love about this big-bellied living bounce house? It’s a plain ole normal-type Pokémon, sure, but it can take like a million damage and can willfully enter a short coma to regain all of its health! Not to mention the satisfaction of finally finding that stupid Poké-Flute needed to wake up this gargantuan path-blocking panda. Ultimately, for me, my love for Snorlax came down to the fact that this guy’s entire life revolved around eating and sleeping. I think I speak for mankind at large when I say, “I want to do nothing but eat and sleep all day, too.” Also fun side story, my older brother once used both his Red and Blue games (along with a bunch of rare candy) to give himself a squad of six lvl99 Snorlaxes… Epic.




How can I choose any other Pokemon for this list than my original Poke-love? In more than one playthrough and iteration of Pokemon Red, Squirtle was my go-to powerhouse. The way I rolled through Pokemon as a child consisted of leveling the crap out of Squirte and letting him spray his foes into oblivion. Let’s not forget that Squirtle’s evolution to Wartortle and Blastoise consist of shell artillery (no pun intended) that pack a punch. Add to this that Squirtle allowed me to surf the tides like a real elementary-bro keeps him the stuff of legends. If you disagree with me, take look above and simply deal with it.