Most of you reading this probably don’t know me. I’m Jared Oates, known also by my gamertag DoomArcana on channel Doom & Dog.

I’m writing today in the interest of aid and solidarity to those impacted by the tragic events at Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning. I didn’t frequent Pulse in my time in Orlando moreso than other spots, but when the evening took me there I always wore a big smile. Both Orlando & its LGBTQA+ community left its mark or me forever and to wake up reading friends in various mixes of anger, confusion and grief left me likewise.

I’ve learned today that my freshman year Resident Assistant at the University of Central Florida was murdered long with his beloved boyfriend early Sunday morning. Drew was instrumental in welcoming both Bucewayne, myself, members of what would become the band Bad Actor, and many of our other friends to use our common area to bond. Not only that, but he would always check in on us, sometimes jam a round or two of Smash and always left with a smile. These bonds gave way to conversations and memorable days that led to Bad Actor forming, and then Orlandooom, and then HBNBM, and now Doom & Dog.

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