Team Ninja’s dark fantasy returns this fall

Between April 26th and May 5th of this year, Team Ninja released the alpha demo to give players a taste of its upcoming game, Nioh. This demo took the gaming world by storm. In just 10 days, over 800,000 gamers played the heavily Dark Souls inspired demo and gave their feedback. Developers promised to make improvements based on player feedback, much like what the excellent Witcher 3 did with its DLCs.

Well, on August 23rd, we’ll see if Team Ninja listened. The second playable demo will be available from August 23rd through September 5th. We tried the demo a few months ago and were shocked by the difficulty.  Even for a Dark Souls veteran, Nioh will push you to the limit. Fortunately, the new beta will include a dojo mode to teach the basics of Nioh‘s fast paced combat (thank you). You can explore the previous two stages as well as a new one in the demo. There will also be new weapons so you can alter your play style.

Nioh is being developed exclusively for PS4 and will be released this year. For more information, you can follow their official facebook page.