After almost a year of rumors, GameStop CEO Jeff Raines has put an end to the idea that the NX will be a digital-only console. The rumor started after many noticed that the patent failed to include an optical disc drive.

“It will have physical media, we will play a role in it, our pre-owned business will play a role in it.” he said, responding to a rumor during an investor’s meeting that the NX was abandoning discs in favor of cartridges.  “The only difference [between the two] would be on the refurbishment and pre-owned side. And actually, cartridges are much simpler to refurbish and repackage. So there is somewhat a little bit of an advantage if it went in that direction.”

GameStop, as a company, seemed quite candid about their excitement for the NX in general, both on the business and personal ends of the spectrum.

While we still may not know whether Nintendo will use cartridges or discs for their new NX console, we now know that it will decidedly NOT be a digital-only machine. What does this mean for backwards compatibility? Keep your eye trained on Bit Cultures for more NX news. And in the meantime, why not catch up on all the Nintendo E3 news that happened recently?